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Lessons in Mob Mentality

Mountain Lion....

Oh Kingly leader,

Of sleek, feline form,

Touch my heart with courage,

Then sound the alarm,

That I might lead with foresight,

Assurance bright and true,

To carry on the spirit,

Of the strength I see in you.

(Jamie Sams/David Carson -The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

The propaganda piece carefully selected, edited, and fueled in all means possible, sent the wave across the planes. And the mob mentality ensued. Aggression, violence and death threats (as desired by the piece) furthered a rift of intolerance and division. And children's lives are now at risk. Is this really going to solve anything. Anything at all. Will the deaths of any of these children resolve our bigger picture?

There was not justice and fair observance, but a display of personal anger, for what each one who responded felt within them was not being heard, was not being cared about, was not resolved, and was being further fueled by the current conditions of our world.

Where was your heart as you received the first pictures of the reality that MSM wanted you to see. Did you react, or did you give it proper time? Does this matter? It does.

In every single way imaginable, what was displayed in living color is the means where we are being driven to do this to ourselves.

By our own hands we are pulled into the propaganda machine, triggered by every level of "powerlessness" and "helplessness" we are harboring inside. It is the greatest tool "they" have at this time, to keep the masses divided.

What we saw was an opportunist, with history of this same game being played. What now ensues is a money trail that is fueled by the emotions of the played out scene. One which the opportunist walked into, and blatantly lied about. One whom the many lies this man is telling will in time be known. A man whom does not represent the Indigenous cultures I know, love and respect.

How for so long have we allowed the small percentage of the infiltrators to maintain divisions among us. I myself, at a young age, might have worn a hat displaying a political stance that in time, I would have tossed aside and come into my higher senses. And yet, so many were so willing to see these children severely punished before knowing any of the facts.

We are a burned out populace as a whole. In truth, each one of us would prefer that it just all stops; the insanity, the fighting, the arguing, and most of all the injustices. But we will never get there, to the root cause, unless we remain vigilant to how we are being played..."like a fiddle".

The injustices are real. They are many. They are beyond what anyone can even encompass in belief if we are to take it all in. And yet, we have no choice. It is here. On our doorsteps. In our homes. In our lives in every nook and cranny; the compression, infiltration, and oppressiveness. Because we let it in.

Is there an answer. Yes. There is no possible ill here that does not have it's counterpart to return it to neutrality, center. But leveling up, begins inside. The greatest strength we wield will come from a true inner state of coherence. One that is forged in the fires that are now burning.

This is our opportunity. To expand beyond the taunting, the humiliation, the oppression. This is our REBIRTH. This is our INITIATION. Every emotional button is pushed until every last egoic notion of self is dismantled. Until every last pain from the past is resolved within our own being, where that injustice no longer has power over us, to have us seek a "scapegoat" in order for us to feel we are justified.

Only then, will we wield our power wisely to where it should be directed best. Only then will eyes turn towards the true root causes of injustice.

Until then, "they" will keep tossing sacrificial scapegoats at us to appease and create us the fool, while their other hand is in our pockets.

May our wisdom grow in our shared lessons as we make our way back assuredly to the higher knowing of our true power within.

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