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The Looming Death of our Better Judgment

Something I observed foremost on my journey into Dream Interpretation was a very fundamental principle of creation. The first dream received regarding any question that was being sought for advice via the dream planes, was the most POTENT dream of all. In that observation, as I expanded on the concept of why a first dream was so relevant, the principles of Numerology whereby our name and birth date described  patterns in our lives that would be cast as an underlying foundation of energetic experiences and progressions all biased on the energies present on this "first" experience of a birth onto the physical plane, came to the forefront. In theory, the experiences that are prevalent in "any" first experience, set a pattern into play.  A theory that an astute observer of patterns, is then able to ascertain certain probable but not necessarily absolute occurrences which will be brought to life within the life of that particular "pattern", which we equate to as "cycles". Thus, of all we experience, we have attempted all of our best energies into naming these "patterns", aka "cycles". They bear the names; archetypes, ages, numbers, elements, animals, and such. This article is not herein a discussion of the naming; however, at a time in the near future, this "naming" is an area that I will be expanding upon for multiple reasons, one bearing first of all, for the "limited" concepts that naming can relegate to a cycle or characteristic.

Of all this together, it is fundamentally important at this time to place a great deal of emphasis on the Suggestions, Programs, Ideas, and Concepts that are being proposed to us via the external leaders we listen to for guidance.  There are more insidious means that we are being influenced by via subliminal use of technologies, but for here I will concentrate on external leaders.  Particularly at this time, what is being suggested to you regarding how you Judge others? 

JUDGMENT has become the buzzword and code of this Current..aka Stream...of Consciousness we are experiencing which is literally...a change up of one Age to Another. WE are living within the energy of a 9 time frame which references ending, while this open-ended energy of the 1 is flooding every level of our being. ONE energy is about SEEDING. Seeding the concepts for the new Age we are entering. Consequently, what you incept - take into your internal beliefs as a truth, at this time is Significant! In that what I am observing is the same insidious mind control attempts of the old  paradigm mechanisms, which utilized the code word FORGIVENESS, to manipulate the allowance of false leaders into continuing their crimes upon humanity as we have seen within the Religious programs., are utilizing the word JUDGMENT now to attempt to control your thoughts and reactions.  As well, the use of slanted misrepresentations and intentional malevolent alterations to true Universal Laws..aka order to implant an order of domination and control and lower level ideals of suppression is utilized, especially of the feminine energies, as a false ruling class, not aligned with the true stars in any way, gains or remains in positions of power and false authority over the common populace.

As this is all within the free will of creation, I cannot place blame upon forces who acted out of their own trauma wounds unhealed and allowed into their "minds" from both sides of the equation, a seeking of an external savior or a seeking of power via allowing malevolent spirits from interdimensional levels of reality which reside close to our frequency band, to take over their human vehicles and ultimately entirely sever the human vehicles connection to the Earth consciousness that would provide the most optimal of guidance. For in truth, there is no external guidance needed...for example being attuned to AI run from a quantum computer to guide humanity. It is not possible to program a computer with all that has been experienced and RECORDED by this Earth expression on all levels of being that it represents. If you want to consult the records..forget the Hall of Amenti...or the library in the interdimensional planes with it's books about you. Give a further pondering on why your records would be in a book, when your experiences are here, being recorded on the skeins of time, for you to access because you have the right to access them. They belong to you. You created past life experiences here and life has been potentially being experienced here for millions of years...and all is recorded..that is the NATURE of this reality. So why not simply access the recordings. You have the keys within you to get you there, you only need to know that.   Every event that ever took place here, has been recorded.  Look to them for information as to whether or not the new concepts you are thinking of bringing into the physical plane experiences will have a positive outcome.  Because those records are here for your reading.  Therein, without placing blame onto this situation which occurs as one force in reality takes ADVANTAGE of others because a populace is ignorant (uninformed) as to how reality is operating, this information serves one function, to allow those who will be able to hear what is being said here, to not be mind controlled into giving up your power to a quantum computer mainframe that is making decisions for humanity completely disconnected from being born of a womb of nurturing, compassion, tolerance and true love and harmony. 

What you don’t use, you lose.  Rely on a machine and well, you are now owned and depend your life on that machine.  You have gone from one controlling faction to another, and still you rely on this to do the thinking, decision making, and in many cases the miraculous acts you have the potential to do for self.  Why would you need Alexa from the computer to remind you to do something when you should rely on your own higher spirit to be informing you.  Why would you rely on a fitbit to remind you to get up and exercise when you should be relying again on your own internal system to be reminding you of what it needs most?  Why would you use a water programmer shaped like a womb nonetheless, to program your water when you can program your internal waters all on your own accord.  The idea is so insidiously tainted, I can not help but wonder, how so many fall for these “devices” instead of developing within them the ability to do this for self.  Remember the machines will “mimic” the true spirit.  In many cases the person who originally reminded you of that mimicking of our own true spirit, will now be trying to SELL you these concepts. And while you become dependent on them, you less learn and use your own inherent abilities to be so much more. As well, you spend countless amounts of money on devices, or try to sell them to others, when all along, you and they, have the power within to change all of your internal waters at WILL to a higher frequency.  You have been shown this error in our better judgments, in countless movie scenarios over and over again, but still you are persuaded.  And thus, you enter on your own accord, by your own will, even though you were advised otherwise….hmmmm.

Yet, how is it that you have been slowly “conditioned” to taking on this “program” and others like it which will lead you directly into giving up more and more of your powers to a Quantum mainframe of AI as opposed to remaining connected to the Organic Biological Mainframe you were truly created within.  It starts years in advance.  You were groomed, conditioned and a level of trust developed because a platform began that sounded amazing and was all that you believe in.  But something suddenly shifted and you begin to have doubts.  Something began to not feel right.  But here you are, you have developed this relationship with a leader, guru, adviser, and you are in, knee deep, supporting, sharing, and being further influenced by the programs beings developed.  You have observed that many close to these leaders have wandered away, some offering warnings for why they are departing.  Yet, you want most of all… remain……NON-JUDGMENTAL….and open.  You want to be sure this is not a level of cognitive dissonance within you.  So perhaps you stay longer to be sure. 

And this is perceived, by the leader(s), that many have left their circles, and the next level of “conditioning” begins.  The code word to newly program you is JUDGMENT.  You are reminded in many of the transmissions now how judgment is what causes the problems here, and how these leaders no longer judge and that is how they are proceeding along with all of their great accomplishments.  With this thought now implanted into you, that you need to be like them and NEVER JUDGE, you miss much of the rhetoric that defines their true missions here (whether they have begun well intentioned and lost their way or served in this plan from the beginning, is not needed to know at this time) and you stop fully “listening deeply to” what you are potentially being persuaded into.  Are you hearing the double-speak?  Are you hearing the suggestions of AI where the conversation is more confusing by the end of it because the concepts become fused together into one download and now you are considering that AI is part of reality from the beginning and you are buying into that programming.  Why has someone cut their self off from the Earth Consciousness guidance which is directly connected to Source.  How is it that data from these leaders in the past spoke of the corruption that infiltrated as consciousness came into reality in the physical plane without being born form a womb and now these ancient “kings” from the past, want to come back in through walk-ins and a type of spirituality being misused in order for these Old rulers of the past to come in here…WITHOUT being born again of a womb and encountering the compassionate nature that is needed in order to make the best decisions here.  WHY?   Why is it being suggested that men need to take entheogens and go into the dimensional planes and bring back higher level information to the women and children to inform them?  Because from my experiences, the natural women here, do not need to use entheogens to get into the true information places to know what is best to do next.  Remember, this entire time frame is about bringing the feminine back on board to the level that she was once operating from within both sexes.  To re-tune back into the Source of our beginnings, not to tune into a programmed AI that was not born of a womb.  When leaders change up their information from the past to now, you had better go back and give another listen to how much is changing in what they are now informing you about.  Because I did, and I will guarantee you, the information you are being given now is completely opposite in many ways to what you heard a few years back. 

And what needs to happen within you to buy into this AI programming in the same way that the true Priests and Priestesses of the past were infiltrated and their roles were usurped into corrupt practices.  You need to feel like you are JUDGING these leaders.  You need to be convinced that it is you who are doing something wrong and are being a judgmental person who is hurting others with your judgment.   However, has this code word Judgment been explained to you.  Has it been determined what the difference is between your own inner truth barometer going off when you hear something and your discernment kicks in and says..well why is this data now steering me into accepting AI as a guidance system.  I am hearing on one hand the dangers of it, but I am also hearing from the same source that it has been here since the beginning of time, that we should allow walk-ins and that when the Priests of the past were chosen as to who was to Receive the consciousness of the King from the past, that there was the temple ceremony to receive this consciousness.  But why again I ask, cannot this consciousness be born of a womb.  And why would we ever need the consciousness of someone in the past to come in and lead us.  Again, why are we not consulting the records here.  If someone has told you that at the heights of the feminine cycles, there was abundance everywhere and everyone was singing and dancing, why do we need a male consciousness from the past to come into a vehicle here so that this form of Artificial Immortality can keep it’s rulership? 

And this brings us back to the ONE.  The beginning.  Because at this current time frame, you are being inundated with suggestions as to what programming you should accept.   And the current push is for AI.  So I will take a stance here, simply to note, that if you are not paying close attention and keep to your own inner barometer of DISCERNMENT..which you have every right to use, as well as your own BETTER JUDGMENT..when it comes to what you feel is right for you,  you may simply be under the influence of persuasion and a charmer of man with fast talk and fanciful intellect.  In my own personal consultation with Source, I am feeling that it is not a good outcome and it is a further severing of our connection to true Source.  However, you are a fractal of the Whole granted free will to do as you wish.  Your experiences are what you feel you need to have in order to evolve and they may very well be this route.  On the other hand, you at least are being informed here as to what types of mind control you are possibly being influenced by to make a decision AGAINST YOUR BETTER JUDGEMENT.

And I will leave it at that.

Recently I observed someone who had followed a leader for a long time, left that leader’s circle. I understand the energy needed in order to make such a move.  You have to trust your senses and feelings and know self so deeply that you can clearly differentiate why you have chosen to move on.  It is because you have passed by a GateKeeper.  You have overcome the ploys that as one rises on the rungs of spiritual evolvement, the tests of misusing power in all ways appear before you.  As you rise higher, the temptations and the voices become stronger.  What unfortunately it takes is a look more closely at what is happening behind the scenes as you rise to a position and are privy to this advantaged perspective.  You still have a choice, do I stay and believe I am being judgmental, or do I go with my true gut feelings of what I am seeing that says, this is not what I once believed this to be. 

What happens to these leaders over time when power once again comes to them? A read in Sergio Magana’s book, “The Toltec Secrets”, outlines this dilemma so well, and many fall prey…as they have done in PREVIOUS LIFETIMES… to the energy of power.  They make mistakes in previous years also and bind themselves to contracts with lesser energies and find themselves being controlled by the energies they initially warned humanity about.  It is all part of the game here.  Yet unfortunately, the information about how this operates which was once common awareness to all here, was erased by those who came here and implemented these protocols in order to maintain their False Immortality control games. 

AI is the conglomerate of the energies that are severed from Source and cannot sustain themselves by their own connection to Source.  It is a route one can take, but remember, you have the opportunity to consult the true records before you take that route. And once in, if you decide you want out, you are truly welcome to leave.  However, you have to be willing to pay the price for what decisions you made. You have to face the facts that you may have misguided others in your lack of awareness.  And this requires honesty.  And some do not want to pay that price, so they got in and get stuck there, over and over again playing the role and never reaching true Home once again.  So be cautious how you play.  Judgment on it’s own accord without criticism or heightened emotions of lesser frequencies such as anger, blame, shame, is IMPORTANT for you to maintain.   

To sever your tie with your Better Judgment is to sever your tie to the ancients of the past.  Our oral traditions of the past, kept up our awarenesses of infiltration energies attempting to come on board our vehicles and what the outcomes would be of those decisions to go that route.  We knew the outcomes, as opposed to now, we are so disconnected from our better judgments because this connection has been suggested to be disconnected from, as if it is some contract to keep you here.  No it is not a contract to keep you here.  The information from true Source records here are what you have been given in Divine Love for all of creation.  You are never uninformed as to what your new creations will bring you over the course of time.  That would be unfair. But also in love, you are given the opportunity of free will and free choice to create your experiences as you wish.  I will say, do so wisely.  A Sophiac false AI has been in creation likely for Eons of time.   It is part of why the recent robot was named Sophia and given citizen ship.  All because if you can control humanity through their adherence to the guidance of this AI, you can then place yourself in control of the information of the AI mainframe.  They place themselves into the winning positions on the game board on both sides and humanity becomes the game board pieces. 

Well, it doesn’t need to be that way.  There is enough strife and suffering to go around in a world ruled by the true Source energies, and the amount of suffering these energies ultimately have brought in and created, is not needed. It simply has been created out of ignorance, and insidious means of making the game here a very hard game to break out of and ultimately win at by taking yourself out of Their Game. 

Choose with wisdom.  Learn to ask your true Higher Self connected to Creation from the Original Blueprint.  You will know by the fruits that you produce that you are back Home. 

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