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As owner/proprietor and founder of The SEE Technique EFT Plus, I offer myself as a Guide, Energy Consultant and Intuitive Empath to assist you on your journey to the Center of Self.  ​I provide services to the public as a Professional Numerologist and Dream Analyst, Advanced EFT Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher. 

Previously known as TrinityCroft Enterprises, I have been servicing my local communities in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA, providing lectures, classes, readings and energy sessions for the past 20 years.  I was voted Best of The Best by the Northern Library Association, have appeared in numerous newspaper articles and have taught in 15 of the local Park Districts; classes in Numerology, Dream Analysis, Animal Communication, all levels of Reiki thru Reiki/Master Teacher and EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique.  Currently I am providing 4 week long workshops in EFT for Weight Loss and Anxiety/Stress.  

The summation of my work has brought me to the development of The SEE Technique EFT Plus; a beautiful integration of all that I have gleaned in my 20 yrs of research and experiences.   The SEE Technique is an alchemical blend of: Numerology, Dream Analysis, Reiki, EFT, and Intuitive Guidance designed to reconnect you to your deepest most authentic self within.  

All services (listed below) can be ordered individually as well as experienced within a session of The SEE Technique.  Sessions are primarily scheduled at a per hourly rate.  

An epiphany is a revelation. 

         : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of       

               the essential nature or meaning of something 

        : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an                event) usually simple and striking 

      : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure,

              a revealing scene or moment


The SEE Technique EFT Plus begins with an initial 2.5 to 3 hr session during which I assess your current state of being.  I need to "hear" you, to listen deeply and be guided by you, as to how I can best become the energetic focus with you in our time together as you seek your own true authentic self. 


A natural inner coherency is our primary goal, as together we lighten your inner load from the many "hitchhiking" false thoughts, misconceptions, limited beliefs and past traumas that restrict us from generally reaching our full potential, by leaving us repeating old habitual patterns for a multitude of different reasons.  

Our session begins with a Numerology reading, any dream analysis that has arrived from the dream planes to guide us, and the creation of EFT statements that are designed specifically for you.  

I can justifiably state that this first SEE session is one of great transformation as seen in the many clients to date whose lives have been transformed in the magik that arrives in this beautiful orchestrated space.  The calming effect of Reiki is woven into the space as you are the true director and I am the guide, the amplifier, and the reader who assists.  

You are finding Center again, reconnecting to the love you were born into as the first creation thought imagined you as part of the love within the All that Source is.  In a sense you are experiencing a rebirth back to a space of love, of which you merely were needing help with once again embracing and believing in and re-membering into as you are removing all of the the false overlays that were restricting your evolutionary growth. 


Toni, Special Education Teacher Retired
"There are no words to express the gratitude in my heart for all you did to help me through the most difficult time of my life. While it is still a most difficult journey , I will hold on to your words of comfort and encouragement, and wisdom. You are truly a rare and special person who gives so much so freely from your heart.

Paula, Psychiatric Nurse EFT for Weight Loss 4 week course
"You've turned my outlook on my weight into a spiritual journey instead of a daunting physical task. I will continue EFT tapping, and visualization and 'going with the flow, tapping statements. I have and will continue to teach my patients this as well. I couldn't be happier that I met you."


Sara, Fashion Consultant, Mother

"Good morning Cindy!
Thank you so much again for sharing your heart and soul with me. Our time together already has been life changing- pure enlightenment and healing. I've been utilizing the tapping technique and it has been a tremendous stress reliever. The numerology report is mind blowing! I keep reading it over and over as it truly is a window to the soul I've deep down

believed I had. I would absolutely love to set up some more sessions asap."

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For any questions you have, to schedule an appointment or order a service, you can reach me here:

Tinley Park, IL. - USA

Central Standard Time (CST)

Cindy Magnuson B.S.P.E. 

SEE Source Energy Epiphanies

The SEE Technique EFT Plus

Advanced EFT Practitioner, Professional Numerologist and Dream Analyst, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Empath, Energy Guide and Consultant, Teacher, upcoming Author

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