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Let wisdom come forth from the dark

Are you ready to delve deep.  To SEE into the hidden spaces within.

About Me


  Hello and welcome to

   SEE Source Energy 




As owner/proprietor and founder of The SEE Technique EFT Plus, I offer myself as a Guide, Energy Consultant and Intuitive Empath to assist you on your journey to the Center of Self.  ​I provide services to the public as a Professional Numerologist and Dream Analyst, Advanced EFT Practitioner and a Reiki Master/Teacher. 

Previously known as TrinityCroft Enterprises, I have been servicing my local communities in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA, providing lectures, classes, readings and energy sessions for the past 20 years.  I was voted Best of The Best by the Northern Library Association, have appeared in numerous newspaper articles and have taught in 15 of the local Park Districts; classes in Numerology, Dream Analysis, Animal Communication, all levels of Reiki thru Reiki/Master Teacher and EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique.  Currently I am providing 4 week long workshops in EFT for Weight Loss and Anxiety/Stress.  

The summation of my work has brought me to the development of The SEE Technique EFT Plus; a beautiful integration of all that I have gleaned in my 20 yrs of research and experiences.   The SEE Technique is an alchemical blend of: Numerology, Dream Analysis, Reiki, EFT, and Intuitive Guidance designed to reconnect you to your deepest most authentic self within.  

All services (listed below) can be ordered individually as well as experienced within a session of The SEE Technique.  Sessions are primarily scheduled at a per hourly rate.  

An epiphany is a revelation. 

         : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of       

               the essential nature or meaning of something 

        : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an                event) usually simple and striking 

      : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure,

              a revealing scene or moment


Specializing in Mental/Emotional


Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis provides us with some of the most precise and accurate details of the subconscious patterns that are shaping our reality experiences. These subconscious patterns have arrived into the scenes of our lives, being imprinted from our childhood experiences, our experiences to date, our past life incarnations and the ancestral DNA we are born into.

Imprinted patterns and conditioned responses can be identified for how they are affecting not only how we react to situations in our lives, but how it is that we are generating many of our life circumstances based on particular experiences and memories which are stored deep within our psyches. 


Working with our dreamscape allows us to decrypt these energetic patterns and ultimately work towards self-mastery over all areas of our lives; health, prosperity, love, and our spiritual enlightenment.  Dream images are filled to the brim with treasures of information to guide us. 


To learn to become a lucid, aware dreamer is equivalent to becoming the master of our reality. The ancients knew this and once again we are ready to forge this trail home. 


Reiki is an art by which each of us who has chosen to be part of this great work, is able to bring our own inherent abilities to the forefront as we master becoming a clear conduit of the Universal Ki frequencies.  I discovered early on as I began my training in energy work, that I was a natural Empath, being that I was able to perceive through my own senses what areas of an individual's subtle energy system were out of balance and were giving off hibiki (resonance) that were out of balance. 

In addition to a highly developed frequency perception, I began to additionally develop my ability to decode the mental/emotional patterns in the spirit planes that were underlying the manifestation of the imbalance being experienced in the physical life of the individual.  


After 20 years plus of refining this skill and utilizing body mapping awareness, empathy, and all of the clairs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience, I am happy to share many remarkable stories of working with others to re-set their life circumstances back into balance and harmony, achieving miraculous healings and life changes. 


 All of my work is designed to have you as an active participant in the healing process, to place you back into the awareness of how you can continue to re-activate how to heal yourself.  As I am acting as a conduit of Universal chi energy, you are able to draw that energy as you allow yourself to release that which is no longer serving you and access the healing frequencies that you need to release the vibrations in your energy field that are keeping you from self-rejuvenation. 


Reiki is simply a state of unconditional love that we hold for one another.  The beauty of Reiki rests within the skill of achieving a a deep tranquility where no fear can penetrate, for this is where love is resting and where all healing is achieved. 


Numbers  are the underlying structure of all of Nature.  They can be equated to frequencies that represent themselves as patterns, cycles and characteristics.  In that, they reflect our journey in time; pointing out to us like a road map where we have been and where we are heading, revealing to us how this life time has presented us with certain likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges as we journey towards our destiny and purpose.  

Numerology data is very similar to our Astrological data and they are wonderful accompaniments to one another; one often clarifying aspects for the other and filling in deeper introspections into our inner worlds.

The numbers in our charts especially reveal unresolved areas of heightened emotional experiences which have set markers in time where we have not reached a level of completion and enlightenment.  The great news is; we have not arrived here without a blueprint and guidance!  In this beautiful reflection demonstrated through our birth date and birth name, we are provided with detailed information on how to neutralize old karmic patterns, complete missing lessons, improve our life experiences and fulfill our highest purpose. 


Having read 100's of charts over the past 20 yrs, I have developed a unique and evolved manner of reading individuals' charts.  I reach beyond the scripted descriptions and reveal to you the most important reasons you are here in this incarnation and what specific energies you can resolve within your personal story that will assist you to more willfully write the story that your heart truly wishes to embrace and fulfill.  

The SEE Technique
EFT Plus

The SEE Technique EFT Plus begins with an initial 2.5 to 3 hr session during which I assess your current state of being.  I need to "hear" you, to listen deeply and be guided by you, as to how I can best become the energetic focus with you in our time together as you seek your own true authentic self. 


A natural inner coherency is our primary goal, as together we lighten your inner load from the many "hitchhiking" false thoughts, misconceptions, limited beliefs and past traumas that restrict us from generally reaching our full potential, by leaving us repeating old habitual patterns for a multitude of different reasons.  

Our session begins with a Numerology reading, any dream analysis that has arrived from the dream planes to guide us, and the creation of EFT statements that are designed specifically for you.  

I can justifiably state that this first SEE session is one of great transformation as seen in the many clients to date whose lives have been transformed in the magik that arrives in this beautiful orchestrated space.  The calming effect of Reiki is woven into the space as you are the true director and I am the guide, the amplifier, and the reader who assists.  

You are finding Center again, reconnecting to the love you were born into as the first creation thought imagined you as part of the love within the All that Source is.  In a sense you are experiencing a rebirth back to a space of love, of which you merely were needing help with once again embracing and believing in and re-membering into as you are removing all of the the false overlays that were restricting your evolutionary growth. 

EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique  is based on utilizing the meridian energy system in a way very similar to Acupressure and Acupuncture. Tapping on the meridian end points of our physical body, engages the para-sympathetic nervous system, which results in an immediate relaxation and calming effect.

Through intuitive listening and the understanding of how many of the conflicts we are facing in our lives are based on imprinted patterns from childhood, I begin to assist you to become aware of these patterns as well as to present new perspectives on these often unseen patterns which our locking you into the past.  

In the structure of the session, I am able to assist you with creating very personalized EFT statements that eliminate and neutralize these mental/emotional patterns that have been held inside the deepest parts of our shadow selves.  Affirmation statements that reach an emotional state accompanied by a reinforcing visual of an optimal outcome, while you are in a coherent energy field are exceptionally powerful for shifting your reality experiences towards the direction you consciously wish for. The hidden shadow aspects of self that have been repressed, shamed, blamed, traumatized and often terrorized into hiding have the opening now to be resolved.


During EFT, the inner child within us is allowed the safety and security to come forward, out of the dark and into your safe arms.  The arms of love that were not there at some point when love was not able to be given and received.  


Epiphanies, aha moments, memories and a re-framing of the current situation results as you once again tune into Source from your own self re-established inner coherence.

EFT's earliest motto was, "Try It On Everything."  And this still holds true.  It is one of the most often used alternative healing modalities within modern medicine today due to it's simplicity and diversity in applications.  



Toni, Special Education Teacher Retired
"There are no words to express the gratitude in my heart for all you did to help me through the most difficult time of my life. While it is still a most difficult journey , I will hold on to your words of comfort and encouragement, and wisdom. You are truly a rare and special person who gives so much so freely from your heart.

Paula, Psychiatric Nurse EFT for Weight Loss 4 week course
"You've turned my outlook on my weight into a spiritual journey instead of a daunting physical task. I will continue EFT tapping, and visualization and 'going with the flow, tapping statements. I have and will continue to teach my patients this as well. I couldn't be happier that I met you."


Sara, Fashion Consultant, Mother

"Good morning Cindy!
Thank you so much again for sharing your heart and soul with me. Our time together already has been life changing- pure enlightenment and healing. I've been utilizing the tapping technique and it has been a tremendous stress reliever. The numerology report is mind blowing! I keep reading it over and over as it truly is a window to the soul I've deep down

believed I had. I would absolutely love to set up some more sessions asap."

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