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Dream Analysis

After that day of initiation, as I made a willful choice to activate my higher senses, dreams made their way into my conscious life with an exceptionally powerful force.  I would quickly discover that the SEER within me had incarnated with a well developed relationship to the dream planes.  To this day, accessing higher perspectives within dreams, remains as one of my most formidable tools for clarity on the energetic forces acting in any given situation in reality.  

One of the first unique discoveries I uncovered, as I continued to add to my awareness of the relationship between dream images and the energies they represented, was that "reality" could also be decoded in the same manner as dreams.  As  I analyzed my own dreams, I recognized that I could decode for example, my home environment, as if details in my home were parts of a dream.  A favorite room was as symbolic as a least favorite room, while rooms that needed repairs often represented parts of myself in need of healing, and so on. 

















That which is within, is always displaying itself in both our dreams and our waking lives.  To study dream analysis, is an act of self-introspection, unlike any other. 


















Studying dream analysis,  unveils to us, how directly our dreams are interwoven with our innate powers of creation.  Our aboriginal relations have already long understood this powerful truth; that we are dreaming our world into being.  It became apparent immediately in working with dream study, that there is nothing that exists on this Earth, that imagination and the act of dreaming have not brought into manifestation.  What I found to be sad and intriguing was that our creational power within our dreams was purposefully downplayed in dogmatic teachings - even demonized - rather than being recognized for it's prominence.   


And this is possibly so, because this gnosis of the power we have been endowed with in a state of awakened dreaming - a state of lucidity - demonstrates immediately our inner prowess to dream the original primal HEAVEN IN EARTH back into formation.   For it is true, that the garden we have access to remembering; a fruitful, abundant and infinite plane, where resources are not owned in corporate hands, where all of life has access to living and experiencing 3D physicality minus the Big Bad Wolf of mind control tactics , can be dreamed again as a collective dream.  Naturally so, not an overnight acquirement,  but instead a starting point to establish the goal in mind.  And the dream plane is where ALL are called to harness this unique state of mind, in order to dream collectively a return to our true Original Natures.  I contend out of experience, that we do not have to view this dismantling of the old paradigm, as a warring conflict filled with heightened dramas of factions against factions.  There are better dreams to dream.  And each of us, must begin first with our own inner divergence.  Where our true dreams of "One for all and All for one", became diverted in a grand rift in time.  A broken Russian Doll repeating it's corrupted image, with no memory of it's original self.



The changes we seek for both our individual experiences, as well as for the collective dreams of the societies we belong to, begin in our mind's ability to access imagination from our heart in alignment with True Original Source. 




















In order to dream with mindful purpose, one must first find the most centered space within, connected once again to the primal energies from whence we were birthed from the beauty, wonder and splendor of the darkness into the light of material existence; where we play all roles; conceiver and conceived.   You SEE this is the BIGGEST SECRET of all.  You truly have been wearing the ruby slippers all along, ready to "tap" 3x's in your absolute unwavering belief, your own visions into manifestation as a co-creator of your reality.  The dream state we experience as we physically sleep can teach us how to walk awake in the dream in the power of fully and wholly participating in creation.  

As we work together; in a Dream Workshop or in Dream Interpretation, we are learning to decode dream symbols as they personally relate to you.  Amidst the symbols in dreams are the archetypal characteristics tracing back to primordial forces that emerged from the Great Womb and twisted, vortexed, and swirled together into marriages of new creations all the way outward to the personal symbols you have acquired in your own mental frame of reference.   We project our thoughts into reality based on our emotions, memories, and thoughts which we have collected either in this lifetime, other lifetimes, as part of our epigenetic imprints on our DNA, and as well thru insidious programming and implanting of ideas into our main frame of reference without our direct awareness.  There will be more discussion on this later; but one must include the fact that what we receive into our physical bodies and minds is going to have an affect on our thoughts and thus an effect on our creations.  This includes anything ingested, inhaled, absorbed thru the skin, and injected into our physical body.  As well, any subliminal programming, EMF's, fluorescent lighting, and hypnotic suggestions via fear programming in televised and internet programming is altering our main frames and inner operating systems.  All of this must be recognized and removed from it's influence in our lives in order for our dreams to be authentic once again, as all of these considerations are part of understanding our dream activities and how they are influenced.
















If you are having difficulty remembering dreams, we work there first.  Those challenged with remembering are often able in a short period of time to recall their dreams, with some brief quick tips and a well-focused intent.  We begin with learning and decoding your personal symbology,  as we explore the hidden messages in your dreams that are part of your subconscious.  As you learn your dream world more intimately, we branch off further and begin to incubate dreams in order for you to work towards more lucid states within your sleeping dreams.  Utilizing recapitulation techniques, where we integrate the data that has been retrieved from the dream planes, you are guided to consciously create the dreams you wish to be expressing, as opposed to creating your life experiences from a repeating time loop of past memories, stuck energies and unrecognized subconscious patterns, which are unknowingly effecting your creativity.   Most importantly, in a careful and detailed manner I am able to teach you how to create in your life, without attempting to limit what a deeper aspect of yourself closer to Source is knowing what is best for you to draw to yourself to experience.  One must be uniquely perceptive and feeling; learning how to ask self and receive answers best from the depths of your true inner knowing, what is in your best interest to create as well for the family, friends and world at large you reside with.  And this is a space where I thrive best in; teaching you to remember, feel and recognize that inner most space of original truth within you.

"A black jaguar appeared ahead of me and at first I was frightened.  I was aware that as I held a rifle in my hands, I was being told that I should shoot the jaguar.  Ted Andrews' voice rang in my ear, "NO" and with that I pointed the gun upward and away from the jaguar.  The jaguar approached me and brushed her soft fur against my cheek." Animal Totem-Dream Journal (2000)

"The aborigines of Australia believe that it was in dreamtime that the world was created, and follow the dream lines when they go on a vision quest. For the shaman in the Americas, the task is to dream with their eyes open – to envision the possible before they envision the probable. It’s not a fantasy or hallucination, but rather the ultimate nature of reality itself, where one can actually steer and guide the dream.

The dreamtime – the creative matrix – does not exist in a place outside of us, but rather within. It infuses all matter and energy, connecting every creature, every rock, every star, and every ray of light or bit of cosmic dust. For the Earthkeepers, dreaming reality is not only an ability but a duty, one we must perform with grace and love so our grandchildren will inherit a world of peace and abundance."

This discovery was aided by other studies that I was involved in such as reading Medicine Cards (Animal Totem Cards), and further studies from authors like Ted Andrews who wrote the books: Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise, all of which I utilized extensively in analyzing the appearance of animals in dreams, readings, and as well in my waking life.  An animal viewed in reality in particular situations, can offer the same energetic message that it does within a dream.  Thus, before long, I was also able to add an investigative perspective on the symbols surrounding clients in their waking lives, to help them SEE how these symbols related to aspects of their inner selves, especially those parts of self which were eluding their conscious awareness by being buried deep within their subconscious. 

Dream Analysis - Recapitulation - Lucidity
Numerology Charts ~Initial/Advanced Readings 

I love Numerology for it's depth, yet beautiful simplicity.  Without the need for years of detailed study, I can have you interpreting and decoding your own chart (pictured above) within our first  Numerology Reading, learning how to use the basic frequency  descriptions of each numerical vibration that is found in your chart, to better understand the inner you.  Readings are accompanied by a 40 pg computerized report, providing you with pages of data that describe the above number values per their placement in your individualized chart.                                                        



With over 20 yrs of reading Numerology Charts, I have gleaned an out of the box perspective on how you have arrived in this particular incarnation with these specific energy signatures.  Where other programs of divination and self-introspection might describe you as being a specific personality with particular impulses, likes and dislikes because you are in a physical body type, or a Zodiac sign, or are a Number value from 1 thru 9, etc., my sight gives less power to the program and more power to the understanding that you are not your Numbers for example, but your Numbers are YOU.  In other words, as you made choices in one realm of existence, these choices created a symphony of sound resonance , which correlates with particular body types, days of the year, elements, animal natures, and most of all a particular womb and parents who would create your next vehicle in the environmental circumstances that are serving you to evolve as an aspect of the Divine Source of All.  This connectedness  between decisions and choices we are making, pertaining to the frequency of vibrations we are achieving in one life time to another is often over looked and under valued.   In fact, my particular view, is that it is viewed in reverse. When I view the wave form on the bottom of the above Numbers Chart,  together we are looking at past choices you have made and cycle patterns you have created in time, of which these are important spaces for you to understand in regards to why you are traversing these spaces once again.  In a sense they are part of your Never Ending Story in time..








Recognizing the story you are weaved into is essential for you to move your self into the director's seat of your story, and not remaining in a caricature of victimhood, and/or non-awareness of the authenticity of you being the author of your story.  It is also important to allow here a more broad perspective of what is being revealed during these apocalyptic unveiling times.  It is necessary to discern whether we are in a repeating time loop from life time to life time, remaining limited by false beliefs connected to what one would term the False Light Matrix, that has been overlaid into the Original Primal Design, which may have hijacked your journey in time, rendering you to the reincarnation cycle in an unconscious state of transition (death), instead of being a conscious (lucid) mover from incarnation to incarnation or realm to realm.   More about this hijacking will be discussed in other areas of the website, for now we look to our Numerology Chart and where we are at in our lives to discover if we are stuck in false beliefs, trauma patterns, self-sabotage, misconceptions. limiting beliefs, and past wounds. 

It is recognized that Shakespeare based much of his literary works on oral folk and fairy tale

traditions, bringing to our attention specifically some of our deepest and most frightening 

subconscious fears as he traversed the emotional states of our human existence in eloquent

prose and script.  But I beckon the traveler here, weary of the "spells" of literature and tales of

despair, helplessness, and wicked queens to join me in reaching back beyond the stories as they

have been rewritten and engrained into our subconscious depths and cycles of life, to move

outside of the rewrites of the Original Primal Garden


Searching the depths of your Numerology Chart, we join together to identify the archetypal

characters you are expressing as we examine the numerical frequency codes in your chart along

with the specific numerical combinations therein.  And in a contemplative space, we examine 

closely where a suggested storyline may have compromised your better knowing.  Any storyline

you may have embraced based on any input you have acquired; thru epigenetics (memories

stored in your inherited DNA), childhood associations and misconceptions, subliminal

suggestions, informative programming in the way of fear and propaganda, false histories, and

limiting dogmatic beliefs. 


You the author, must learn to color outside the lines of your creations in time and allow the evolutionary

return to the Great Womb Architect to inform you of long lost memories of a place you called home, safe in the arms of love and beyond and away from the extremes of polarity thinking and especially polarity imagining.  To write the story of our earliest beginnings being one of conflict and war is the Great Deception.  This was not how and what we were originally birthed into.  And once we identify these external warring conflicts as the microcosmic warring disputing thoughts that we have in our own emotional and mental make-up, we can easily and graciously dismantle the external creations of war and unthinkable horrors which are being and have been perpetrated upon the masses throughout time.  Join me in this in depth self-exploration with the Divine rewards of restoring (restorying), your internal peace and balance.  

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique












To begin I would like to clarify there are 2 different sections for EFT;  this space and then the following descriptions of The SEE Technique EFT Plus, which is a more involved EFT initial session.  I began working with Emotional Freedom Technique when EFT first debuted under the Founder of EFT, Gary Craig (pictured above), in the late 1990's.  In spite of my adamant resolve that I was not going to be undertaking any more new methodologies of alternative healing, I immediately fell in love with EFT for it's profound efficacy and speed in resolving deeply engrained traumatic memories, phobias, chronic pain symptoms, PTSD, financial blocks, weight loss, sport's performance, anxiety, stress and much more. 

In it's most basic principles, EFT is correcting the disruption to the energetic system of the physical body that traditional modern talk therapy had been missing and was consequently requiring many more years of therapy in order to resolve the emotional stress reactions individuals were still experiencing in their lives.  For further reading on how Gary Craig discovered this principle that was not being addressed read here:  

One of the more frequently asked questions about researching EFT online is if someone is doing the correct tapping protocol.  You will see that there are varying points that are tapped on, and in Gary's manual, is his original tapping points including the 9-Gamut protocol sequence that initially was also a part of the EFT protocol.  As well, beginning points to tap on for the set-up phrasing that begins EFT, as well the phrasing have all undergone personalized implementations and changes according to who was taking EFT into their own unique creation and selling their version while honoring that they needed to slightly vary the tapping sequence in order to call it their own.  In no way; however, has this lessened the efficacy of EFT and in reading further about EFT, you can observe how taking this system down to a basic protocol that at least taps on the major meridian points, be that you are tapping on individual points on the fingers or tapping the wrists together, you are sending a vibration to an energy system while you are creating affirmation statements that work to re-associate the initial traumatizing stress which left an energetic imprint on your energy system, with the calming effect of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system as you vibrate the energy lines.  To regard any left brain analytical thinking that you might be doing the wrong tapping protocol is only going to result in an unnecessary block to releasing the old traumatic disruptions in your inner subtle energy systems.  BE free and creative and EFT is exceptionally powerful.  





















EFT can  be applied in the most simplified manner, utilizing a basic one word reminder phrase as you tap on a meridian point, often experiencing significant effects, or you can work with an Advanced Practitioner like myself, and create miraculous changes in your life that are incredibly and deeply transforming.  I am able to discern thru our time together, utilizing my feeling perceptions of empathy, my intuitive capacities and my heightened awareness of imbalanced emotional thought patterns, what is in need of correcting and de-charging.  Our goal is for you to reduce your trigger responses to certain environmental stimuli and memories that still carry an energetic disruption in your energy centers.  I am happy to say I have a particularly well developed aptitude at noting these imbalanced spaces in the inner you, and have witnessed clients' lives undergoing significant positive changes in all areas of their lives as I have worked with them.  What is so beautiful about EFT is that I am instructing you on how to be your own healer using EFT on a daily basis, applying this simple technique to any area of your life that is in need of rebalancing.  Our work together from Day 1 is to have you working independently, as you truly are the one who comes to the table with all of the answers.  I simply am able to be an objective observer, who can point out the strategic perspective changes and signifiers that are being revealed, as I move through a question and answer session with you, designed to access these hidden recesses of unresolved emotional imbalances. 


I work in my own technique with EFT, adding in my additional studies into the evolution of consciousness, as we function as multi-dimensional beings in and out of time. If you wish to simply experience an EFT session, not including a Numerology Reading or you are scheduling a follow up EFT session, order here: 

I especially enjoyed studying Silvia Hartmann's system of EFT and have continued to incorporate her beginning point for the set-up phrases of having our hands across our heart to begin and end our tapping sessions.  This is a beautiful reminder to assist our focus on the foundational truth, that in order for the most evolved work to ensue in EFT, we must reach that space of innocence, vulnerability and unconditional love that is buried beneath lifetimes of pain, fear and trauma.  

The SEE Tchnique
The SEE Technique EFT Plus

As I sat across from client after client who came for an EFT session,  The SEE Technique simply birthed itself.  I had already established my own style with EFT that highlighted my empathic and intuitive abilities, creating a space where I was able to "sense thru feeling" a client's energy field's responses as they discussed their current situations and life events that they were working through.  As I directed them to new perspectives on the memories they discussed, I empathically would "feel" when they experienced a memory transmutation that brought clarity and truth to a past event in time, that had been holding them in a limiting belief, misunderstanding, misconception or traumatic memory.  While I was physically and energetically aligned with their energy field, in Reiki, which lends itself to amplifying their inner perceptions of their energy field, I was able to identify immediately the shift taking place, which gave the client an opportunity to register the sensation that they did feel (yet would have not recognized as important) with a direct first hand awareness of a real event that just took place. We might call this clearing, releasing, shifting, activating ancient DNA codes, balancing the chakras, and so on, but what was most significant about this was that, the clients were being reconnected to their own perceptions of their inner energy systems.  

In one session with a client, for example, I literally felt her right and left brain hemispheres align with a zap across the two halves.  When I told her what I just experienced, she said, "Yes, that is exactly what I just felt!"  This perception is significant.  In similar fashion as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner brings a client's focus to certain parts of their body, clients are then better able to "reconnect" with these areas of the body which often have been somewhat disconnected from their ability to assist that area to heal itself.  With the attention brought there, along with an energy worker's focus, an electrical field is collapsed which is bringing added usable prana, chi, ki, etc to that area to promote healing on any of the bodies that is needed: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, spiritual, celestial, or ketheric. 

As I would continue to work in gathering information, it became routine for me to ask a client's birth date which would further "tune" me into my client's energy field and the cycles that they were working through energetically.  This also provided me with the primary energy story they were connected to in time.  Additionally, I began to hear on a more regular basis, "You know I had these crazy dreams this week before coming here," or 'I had this dream last night and I hardly remember my dreams, but I remembered this one."  In utilizing the Numerology data and discussing their dreams, and analyzing the meanings within them, the EFT sessions began to quickly identify the most significant and deepest root issue that was in need of clearing in our first session working together.  

From there, a dialogue and my own scripting of the basic points to include in an in depth EFT session became more developed and before I knew it,  the EFT affirmations, clearing statements and sessions I was assisting creating with the clients were delivering miraculous events.  Pain symptoms were clearing, family issues were resolving, financial challenges were gone, homes that were reluctant to sell were sold, huge tests that couldn't be passed were passed, forgiveness doors were opening, pain medications were being reduced (under medical guidance), weight loss was being achieved, life long anxiety habits were being cleared, and on and on and on.  














In the midst of it all, something special had evolved.  Although I had known this out of my own personal experiences, that there is a very special frequency that when one attains it, the ability to consciously create from that space is very powerful.  Teaching clients a "feeling" was not something that was possible through talking about it.  You have to be able to "guide" them there and then have them "truly" "feel" the moment.  And this was taking place session after session.  It is the space of NO FEAR.  When we declare our highest wishes, and we are perceptually aware enough to determine that there were no "rebuttals" to our own declarations and wishes, this is where the MAGIC of creation takes place.  

And I am exceptionally happy to have already brought many many clients here to this space of truth inherent in all of us.  Thus, The SEE Technique is Emotional Freedom Plus.  All of my services are "teaching" you how to do this for yourself.  Consequently, The SEE 

Technique is an initial Introductory session that last's anywhere from 2.5 - 3 hrs.  Thereafter, sessions are 1 - 2 hrs per the need and the client's continuance of sessions.  

It is important to note here, that no guarantees can be made for what sessions will achieve for clients.  There are many variables in sessions which contribute to success levels.  I can confidently state that it has been rare that client's are not highly satisfied with the results of the sessions.  Also, EFT is not to be substituted for necessary Professional Medical Care.  I have accompanied client's as they utilized EFT sessions to wean themselves off of medications, but only under their Physician's guidance.  


Reiki is an ancient healing system, which is believed to have originated 3,000 yrs ago in Tibet and was re-introduced to the modern world in the 1920's by Mikao Usui.  Reiki works with the chakra energy vortexes, which are located in the subtle energy level of the physical body.  These vortexes are located parallel to the spine running from beyond the crown of the head, to inches below the bottom of the feet.  Each energy center is related to the physical organs in the nearby area and the endocrine and glandular system in that physical location. 

The very first energy work I was trained in was Craniosacral Therapy, in 1986.  I practiced CST for a year under the guidance of the Physical Therapist who trained me to work with his clients in his personal practice and one year later took a course in Shiatsu.   I knew immediately that I was destined to become more involved in Energy Healing as time went on.  Although, it went on a back burner for a while, 10 yrs later, I found myself being attuned in Reiki level 1 and I have not stopped practicing energy working since then.  As a laying on of hands practice, I place my hands over these energy centers and and any area of the body that I am intuitively and energetically drawn towards, and I am able to sense areas of imbalance.  In it's simplest expression, I remain directing energy to one area until there is a feeling of relaxation.  This process pushes through energy blocks, removes imbalanced energy and improves sluggish moving energy areas.  Once the meridians and chakras are more free flowing, the body has the opportunity to begin rejuvenation and self-healing.   Incredibly, Reiki has been noted to assist healing in every known illness.

Reiki is an accomplished meditation, a coherent , inner self-managed state of being capable of entering an ordered mode of heart function, and sustaining that for an extended period of time creating the potential for focused attention. 


Focused attention measurably concentrates an electrical field, during which healing ensues.  

Although Reiki appears simplistic, it is actually more complex than first appearances.  Techniques that are taught to students and employed during Reiki sessions are: 

  • Byosen Reikan Ho - detecting energy imbalances with hand sensitivity​

  • Reiji Ho -  intuitive scanning technique

  • Distance Healing  -  use of photo, healing boxes, crystal energy grids, beaming technnique

  • Koki - Ho - healing with the eyes

  • Gyoshi Ho - healing with the breath

  • Keteuki Kokan - blood cleansing technique

  • Focusing Reiki like a laser beam

  • Emotional Balancing

  • Chakra Ki Balls

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Aura Clearing/Extraction

  • Tapping/Pressing

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