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Twilight Epiphanies Talk Radio Episodes

on Feminine Frequency Radio Network

and other media appearances


In July of 2018 I created Twilight Epiphanies Talk Radio with Feminine Frequency Radio Network.  I began my shows introducing the components of The SEE Technique EFT Plus, which are 4 of the areas in which I deliver my work to the public.  These first 4 shows give a wonderful explanation and demonstration of how these amazing tools can be of benefit in your life!  Twilight Epiphanies Talk Radio is weekly, Thursday nights from 7-8:30pm CST.  Shows are announced in my newsletter which you can request to be signed up to by sending me your request on the contact page, and they are also announced on my fb pages @cindymagnuson and @theseetechnique.  You can also call in to listen at (929) 477-1183. 

     Episode 1 -  "Introducing Emotional Freedom Technique"  

     This is a wonderful introduction to EFT, giving you a foundational experience in how to use EFT in your daily lives, and I take         the listening audience through a guided EFT session! 

     Episode 2 -  "All Things Numerology" 


     This is a great introduction into how I specifically work with Numerology and use this art within my work. 


     Episode 3 -  "All In A Dream"


     This show is a beautiful explanation of how to creatively use our dreams for deeper self-understanding, healing, resolving             relationship issues, problem solving and much more.

     Episode 4 - "What is Reiki - The good, the bad and the confusing"

      I love Reiki and in this episode I open up and talk candidly about what makes Reiki so powerful and great and how we can            make sure that Reiki is being delivered to the public as well as our family and friends, with respect to the years that it takes 

      to fully Master energy work and the understandings of what is taking place.

      Episode 5 - "Mirror On The Wall"  

      This is an interview that I did on Organic Frequency Radio with Stephanie and Oxana on signs and omens!


      Episode 6 -  Guest: Medical Intuitive Daniela Rambaldini

      Daniela discusses how medical intuition works, what her spirit readings entail, reincarnation, past lives, parallel lives,             

      spirit possession, attachments and much more.

      Episode 7 -  Guest: David Tietje - Owner of ThaiLove Yoga


      David shares insightful information on what Thai Yoga Massage is, how it can benefit you, what to expect in a session, and            how it is working to facilitate healing for our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels of self.

      Episode 8 -  Week 1 of 4 Guest Ivo Bove - How to successfully transition to        a plant based diet

      Ivo Bove - a fruit based raw foodist takes the listeners through the rational and systematic steps that one can follow when 

      transitioning to a plant based diet.  He provides the most significant books to begin with reading and talks about their 

      approaches; how they are similar and how they may differ, giving insights into how to find which system will work best for            you.

      Episode 9 -  Week 2 of 4 with Ivo Bove -  A new approach to health 

      (our apologies for the poor audio in the first half of the show...but the data is awesome!)

      Ivo Bove opens up with addressing the differences between mainstream medicine approaches to health and healing versus            holistic practitioners and naturopaths who promote transitioning our food choices to a plant based diet in order to initiate            the natural healing processes.  Examples: diabetes, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis.

      Episode 10 -  Week 3 of 4 with Ivo Bove -                                              Detoxification/Cleansing/Fasting

      True Naturopathic Medicine is detoxing the body in order to remove toxins that are causing illness; as opposed to                          symptom treatment. With the terms cleansing and fasting being tossed around, how do you know where to start and which          cleanse or fast; fruits, fruit juicing, vegetable juicing,water or dry fasting is right for you.

      Episode 11 -   Week 4 of 4 - How to use EFT for Emotional              Detoxification 

      I begin with a few highlights from the talks with Ivo and then go right into some advanced methods of using EFT to help you        to assist yourself with the diet changes that cause Emotional Detoxification. The most difficult habits to break are those that          we are enlisting for the immediate comforting and safety feeling we have come to associate them with.  I take the listeners          thru this process and demonstrate how to begin dissolving these associations and invoke your own inner will. 

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